Three Square Food Bank Catering

The purpose of this brochure was to raise awareness of Three Square’s catering services and their beautiful event space. The initial request was to develop a trifold on a very tight budget that was consistent with their existing collateral. However, during the development phase of my design process it became clear that if we wanted to target the wedding industry we would need something more elegant. With the fixed budget in mind, I strategically designed a piece that delivered a large amount of information in a very beautiful way. The piece could serve as a self-mailer or distributed at events, or it could be placed inside an envelope with additional information. In addition to the redesign, I also rewrote some of the copy to reflect the philanthropic rewards of having Three Square cater a wedding or any special event.

ClientThree Square Food BankProjectCatering BrochureServicesConcept, Design, CopywritingPrinterRoyal Printing (Las Vegas)

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